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Battlestar Galactica vs Star Wars

For all my BSG and Star Wars fans!


Coming in November.......

Flavor for Free...well almost.

My good friend James who works at Whole Foods had told me about this FlavorFest this past weekend in Jonquil Park.
A couple of highlights were two 80s bands that were playing there. Naked Eyes, famous for ‘Promises, Promises’ and ‘Always Something There to Remind Me’. And Flock of Seagulls, which most of us know of their ‘I Ran’ song. And also there were all the FREE samples. So I could have not picked a better person to accompany me for FREE samples other than nullslashvoid. We had thought it would all be free. But we each had to give a $5 dollar donation first. James, you SO owe me $10!
It was an enjoyable afternoon. The weather was perfect. It was a bit crowded, since Jonquil Park is not really that big at all. Mostly it was a baseball field. Then you throw in a thousand or two people on that field and it gets to be a little too close for comfort.
It was great to sample all the healthy alternatives out there. Juices, cereals, power bars, power drinks, chocolate (of course, it’s healthy!) and yogurts. We had so many different yogurts that day. Drinkable, in a tube and of course in a cup. I think we both met our yogurt quota for the week!
We walked around with James for awhile. He was there to actually work one of the Whole Foods booths. nullslashvoidand I ventured around the different booths to check things out. Listen to part of a Naked Eyes song and then we were out of there. It was getting very crowded and very warm. But it was a very enjoyable afternoon and evening together.

Kites, Trails and Gardens....Oh my!

Today was one of those days that I felt I needed to get outside. It was a little warm, but still very nice out. nullslashvoid   and I decided to head to the Chicago Botanic Garden for the afternoon. I had told him there was a kite festival going on this weekend also. We arrived late in the afternoon to see the kite festival. We were able to see an hour or so of the amazing kite performances. To be able to see kites perform different maneuvers was overwhelming. I took a small video of one of the performances that I may have to post later on. But of course I have plenty of pictures. Which I will post at the end.

After the kite festival we decided to take a walk around the different gardens. There are SO many of them. A couple we wanted to see had closed earlier, but the majority of them were still open. I have to say and I know Brian would also agree, the Japanese Garden was one of the best. Very serene and very breathtaking.

Evening Island was also very enjoyable. The Carillon tower is located on this island. The Carillon was handcrafted in Holland. It is one of the few hand-played carillons in the United States. It features 48 bronze bells fixed to a metal frame that are struck by clappers controlled by a playing device. Besides church bells, the carillon has the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard. In the summer, they actually have concerts at the carillon. Something definitely worth check out.

After walking around for a few hours and through all these amazing gardens, it was time to head home. What a day of walking, enjoying the beautiful gardens and the wonderful company. It was one of the best days I have had in a long time. I will always remember this day.

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How Ya Doin?

Has been awhile since I have posted. This past month has been very crazy for me! Dealt with an auto accident earlier this month. I am completely fine. Igot the car back last Thursday. All I will say is ...DAMN cabbies! 

I was laid off a couple of weeks ago, BUT then was offered another position that same day. Which is taking my career in a whole new direction. At this point, I had no choice. But I should be thankful I have a job, right? Stay tuned.

I am currently wrapping up a business trip in Somerset, NJ. One of Philips' corporate offices is here, their lighting division. I have been here since Monday. Nothing too exciting I guess. But I was able to connect with an uncle that lives in Trenton last night. Ate at a wonderful little Italian place in New Brinswick. It was fantastic! HUGE meatballs that melted in your mouth. I believe Grand Mama was actually making those meatballs last night. Then my uncle took me on a brief tour of Manhattan. Was able to get pretty close to Ground Zero. I got chills and felt such sadness being in the area, but was glad I was able to see it. Of course stupid me forgot my camera! DOH! Oh well, at least I can say "Been there, done that."  This was first trip out east. I had a fantastic time. But I am so ready to get home. 

Need to head to bed early. Have to be up at 4 am...UGH! But excited to get back. Time to start packing! Miss you guys! HUGS

Show your true colors...Pride 07

Not your mother's coffee.

I took these a couple of weeks ago when I was back home for a few days. This drive- thru coffee place is near my hometown in central Illinois. It is acutally two semi trailers stacked on each other to creative this amazing little drive-thru. And I must say, the coffee was great! They use Portland Roasting Company coffee. I was impressed. But it was fun to experience this cute little drive-thru. Anything for coffee!


We are Family.

Today was a pretty busy day for me. I started out my morning having beakfast with my friend James. We usually connect on Saturday or Sunday when it comes to breakfast. We are both usually are up early on the weekends and LOVE our breakfast. We decided today to head to Le Peep's on the near west side. Right across from another place we frequent for breakfast, Wishbone.  Le Peep's of my farvorite places for breakfast. And service here is pretty fast too. We enjoyed out breakfast and coffee, then parted ways. I had family coming into town late morning.

Later in the morning my sister Shannon, brother-in-law Craig and nephew Matt decided to come and visit me. They were here also to see a Cubs game this afternoon. I was not able to go, since I had a work project to deal with. So I drove them to Wrigley Field to the game. It was easier than paying for parking. I went home and completed my work project. Hurray! I headed back into the city to pick up the family. It was my brother-in-law's birthday yesterday. So he chose where we were eating for dinner.  He wanted to go to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. So we headed to Navy Pier for dinner. This place was great! And I  really enjoyed the homemade hush pups! It was a great time. And Craig really enjoyed the visit. 

After dinner we walked around Navy Pier for awhile. I could tell they were all getting tired. So it was time to take me back to Oak Park., We said our good byes and sent them home. It was such a nice day. Of course, always nice to spend time with family. It was such a great day. And now I am sleepy after being outside in the oh so warm and humid weather. Welcome to summertime in Chicago. I also took a few photos of today's adventure. Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend!